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» June 12, 2019

A fanfiction about how events become iconography, just in time for Superman Day.

» June 1, 2019

We live in the age of the pop culture revival, and the arrival of the eternal film and movie franchises, all born or borrowing from the model of superhero comics storytelling. Astro City, one of the most storied and beloved superhero comics of all time, went through a revival of its own in 2013, and that it came back as strong as ever was a miracle in and of itself. Over the course of a year, Charlotte Finn will be examining this miracle – all 52 issues – as she spends A Year in the Big City.

» April 6, 2019

“Why don’t they just get a job?” It’s one of the oldest questions that get asked of supervillains; if they have technology or powers that can do that, why rob […]

» April 5, 2019

There has to be a Them. Doesn’t there?

» March 28, 2019

(What a month this week’s been. Sorry this fell behind. If you don’t know why, trust me: it was a good reason.) This week’s issue is focusing on a creature […]

» February 14, 2019

There’s a saying, that no plan survives contact with the enemy. The same could be said for propaganda. When we left off last week, Zozat – our young bug-boy empath […]

» February 7, 2019

The one thing that everyone hates, yet is seemingly inevitable, is the monoculture alien race. You know the one – the one where all the aliens are either warriors or […]

» January 31, 2019

You know exactly when you’ve run into a non-American superhero when you encounter the cliché about their national identity. The best example is Alpha Flight, the Canadian starring the guy […]

» January 23, 2019

Comics are weird when it comes to video games. Part of it’s because the two are vastly different media, with the closest crossover being either choose-your-own-adventure comics or sprite comics, […]

» January 16, 2019

Twenty years. Wow. Okay, not twenty continuous years – Kurt Busiek’s famous (and scary) brush with mercury poisoning meant that he had difficulty writing at the level that Astro City […]