Fiction Portfolio

Here is the master list of all fiction I’ve written and made available online. This’ll be expanded as the site grows.

Brand Echo – a webcomic I write the words for and that Ing does the art for. It’s about love, ghosts, the things we love, the people who make them, and who decides how they’re remembered. And it’s definitely not about Star Wars. Updates on Wednesdays.

Strange Romance – a comics anthology put out by Adam Prosser. I helped edit the third volume, and I contributed two collaborations to the first two volumes; “My Marble Heart” with Ing in Volume 1, and “Sea Change” in Volume 2 with Chris Brown. The series is available on Comixology and Gumroad.

Halloween Girl – a collaboration with Philip Rice, about a magical girl who protects the spirit of Halloween from all who seek to do it harm. Issue #1 available on Gumroad here, issue #2 on Gumroad here, issue #3 is on Gumroad here, and the series is on Comixology here.

Hide a collaboration with Adam Prosser about a serial killer who grew a conscience in a very literal sense. (CW for blood and suicidal ideation.)

Sine Qua Nona short story written for Strange Romance Volume 1’s Kickstarter – a love letter across relativistic velocities.

Aliens: Working Stiffs – a fan comic by myself and ING, set in the ALIENS universe. (CW for blood, violence and gore.)

zombie virus – a short story for Halloween 2020. It is not a zombie story. (content warnings at link)

user warning – a short story about what happens when your neural backup winds up on an internet hate form. Published at Radon Journal.

Cycle – a short story about hating your epilator, having deeply ingrained habits, struggling with transphobia and psychosomatic period cramps, and wondering about a cute dog. Published in Bodyfluids.