Fiction Portfolio

Here is the master list of all fiction I’ve written and made available online. This’ll be expanded as the site grows.

Strange Romance – a comics anthology put out by Adam Prosser. I helped edit the third volume, and I contributed two collaborations to the first two volumes; “My Marble Heart” with Ing in Volume 1, and “Sea Change” in Volume 2 with Chris Brown. The series is available on Comixology and Gumroad.

Halloween Girl – a collaboration with Philip Rice, about a magical girl who protects the spirit of Halloween from all who seek to do it harm. Issue #1 available on Gumroad here, issue #2 on Gumroad here, issue #3 is on Gumroad here, and the series is on Comixology here.

Brand Echo – a collaboration with Ing that will be our biggest project yet. It’s a ghost story about the things we love, the people who make them, and who decides how they’re remembered.

Hide a collaboration with Adam Prosser about a serial killer who grew a conscience in a very literal sense. (CW for blood and suicidal ideation.)

Sine Qua Nona short story written for Strange Romance Volume 1’s Kickstarter – a love letter across relativistic velocities.