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» June 27, 2018

We live in the age of the pop culture revival, and the arrival of the eternal film and movie franchises, all born or borrowing from the model of superhero comics […]

» May 25, 2018

A few years ago, for an an anthology, Adam Prosser and I collaborated on a six page horror story (cw for blood and suicidal ideation.) It didn’t make it in, […]

» November 22, 2017

(Writer’s Note: this is a reproduction of an essay I posted to Tumblr some years back. It has been republished on this site, as close to the original as possible, […]

» November 22, 2017

After enough woolgathering, I sprung for dedicated web hosting and now I have my own URL, my own website, and my own portfolio. I’ll be adding to it over the […]